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Tapion Tähti Ltd Oy – ”A Friend of Forests”

We have several years of experience in working in Finnish and Swedish forests. Our staff is well motivated and has good professional skills.
A happy customer is the main thing for us. We are very happy of the fact, that our amount of work has grown annually and we have reached the highest creditability class AAA.
We perform various forest clearing and thinning tasks taking in to consideration the green values.
We are used to working according to both FSC and PEFC requirements.
Our service brings considerable added value to the growth of your forests.

The wellbeing of your forests is of great importance to us.


We respect the traditions of our clients and we obey their instructions.
Our organization is very close to operations and our management has “hands on” in everyday work.
Our group leaders participate to the field work of their groups.
Our working groups use GPS-technology in defining the objects and report daily results electronically.
We have modern technology and our own saw-service ensures reliable running of equipment.
We provide to our workers accommodation, food service and laundry service as a part of our consept.
A satisfied worker is an efficient worker.

Sales manager Jaakko Kilpeläinen

”Tapion Tähti Ltd has gotten a lot of new work volume. We are delighted that most of this new work is coming from old clients. This encourages us to grow further.
It is a pleasure to make agreements with satisfied clients and long working history makes it easier for instructions to become real and correct action in the forest. The mutual understanding exists and the rehearsing has been done in the past.
We still hope to get more clients and work volume from Finland and Sweden.
We are happy Tapion Tähti Ltd became a AAA-class company in the beginning of 2016.
It is a reward of motivated and result oriented work”.

Managing Director Romeo Aur

”As a former professional soldier it is very important to me, that my organization works systematically and target oriented.
The instructions must be clear and work precise. It is a matter of honor to me that the instructions of the clients are obeyed.
A satisfied client is my target and the best possible feedback is when a client gives to us more work”.

Managing supervisor Dima Petru-Florian

”I have worked in the Nordic forests already for many years and I have become a friend of forests.
I want my team to work correct according to the instructions. We work to make the forests grow better and to help the coming forest harvesting to be smooth.
Experience and good equipment help us to perform well. The tradition of our company to take care of food service and maintenance of equipment ourselves makes it possible for us workers to concentrate to the main thing – good solid work performance and trough it customer satisfaction”.


  • People: Our most valuable asset is our workers. They are at your disposal quickly and in a professional manner. Our teams of professionals are reliable and they take in to consideration also the environmental values.
  • Quality: We always strive for the highest possible quality and make sure our service is competitive


We are a young and dynamic company, which started operations in spring 2011.

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